Inclusive Access by Design


The partnership provides professional consultancy services to the commercial sector in the areas of construction, development, building consultancy, architectural design, town planning consultancy and disabled access legislation, as well as many aspects of the legal obligations of construction and development.

Design 4 Inclusion recognises that it is essential that the built environment and public spaces are designed to be accessible to all.. The designed environment should be free of the many barriers that often exclude older and disabled people, including those with sensory and cognitive impairments, and allow everyone to reach and enjoy their environs.

Our work is professional while reflecting latest best practice advice; reports are objective and explain the reasons for recommendations made.

Most importantly, they deliver our clients’ requirements while offering accurate, current best practice advice, offering appropriate solutions.

Design 4 Inclusion consultants are experienced in applying the principles of inclusive design in construction projects, from to housing and public buildings to sports stadia and retail malls. Our service also encompasses streetscapes and public parks, transportation systems and policy development.

Working as an integral part of a design teams, closely with our client we set out the principals of accessibility to ensure that the requirements of inclusive design are considered at an early stage in the design process – while meeting the client’s aspirations for both function and aesthetics.

The Design 4 Inclusion team have extensive experience of providing pragmatic advice on a range of practical and economic measures to improve inclusive facilities and service provision. With personal experience of disability we bring insight of the everyday requirements of disabled people to the overall design process often resulting in more exciting and sustainable architectural solutions.

The access statement a project is particularly important where site or other constraints a design project. Design 4 Inclusion will offer access solutions to meet the statutory requirements of legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act while respecting the design ethic.