Inclusive Access by Design

Who we are

Design 4 Inclusion is an Access Consultancy with offices in London and Paisley.

Our services

Access Consultancy services range from the provision of inclusive design advice, policy development, inclusive project guidance, consultation, planning, design development, construction, post completion and staff training.

What our clients say

On Access advice

‘ with great humour and common sense, has promoted a very progressive attitude towards inclusive design, one that I have not experienced before, and one that I and many others touched by the project will take into the future’

‘Offers inspired advice of the utmost practicality, not only at the policy level, but also at a detailed level.’

On Consultation

‘Has steered difficult, often highly charged meetings and presentations fairly but firmly, always seeking positive outcomes

‘..... brought together disability organisations, design teams, client and project managers and fostered a climate of trust and working together’